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Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder: Experience the thrill of the V10 on a tour through the five most beautiful cities in Southern Italy.
05 October 2021

How about some sunshine and a change of scenery? Then you simply must discover southern Italy. Splendid monuments, landscapes of rare beauty and authentic villages: welcome to southern Italy!

Luxury romantic holidays in Italy: Love is a Bentley Continental Coupè.
15 September 2021

According to various surveys conducted every year around the world, Italy is the most romantic country in the world. Actually, this figure is not surprising: romantic holidays in Italy can give precious moments of happiness, to be borne forever, engraved in the mind and heart for the entire duration of your life.

Maserati Levante: the essence of refinement for a tour of some of the most elegant cities in Northern Italy.
31 August 2021

Giorgio Armani, the Italian designer who has become the world-renowned icon of Italian fashion, one of the ten most famous ever, said that "elegance is not being noticed, but being remembered". In this sense, then, we are sure you will agree with us if we define the luxury Maserati Levante SUV as elegant. 

Ferrari 812 Superfast: rent it and discover the best coastal cities in Italy.
20 July 2021

If you close your eyes and think of Italy, what do you see? Most likely the gondolas of Venice, the grandeur of the Colosseum in Rome, the pinnacles of Milan Cathedral or even what is one of the emblems of the Renaissance and the symbol of Florence and the Bel Paese abroad, namely the iconic David by Michelangelo.

Summer holidays in Italy: visit the beautiful country travelling onboard a Ferrari Portofino
29 June 2021

Whether it's with family, friends or lovers, no doubt spending your summer holidays in Italy means treating yourself to something unforgettable and, above all, discovering a multi-faceted country. 

The best beaches in Italy: there is nothing more unforgettable than reaching them onboard a Ferrari 488 Spider.
08 June 2021

We are sure you will understand us if we tell you that it is not easy to tell you which are the best beaches in Italy: with its 7500 km of coastline, Italy is the ideal country for sea lovers. Rent the Ferrari 488 Spider to discover the best Italian beaches.

Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder: rent it now and set off to discover magical places in central Italy.
18 May 2021

Immediately rent the car of your dreams, the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder Performante, and allow us to suggest you a tour of some dream locations in central Italy. The Lamborghini will be able to give you unique driving sensations and thrill at first glance those who see you passing by while sitting in the driver's seat.

Art destinations in Italy: rent an Aston Martin DB 11 and ride into history thanks to its 510 hp engine!
27 April 2021

In Italy you can of course go through works that date back to every historical period, from the Etruscan to the Renaissance. We have decided to give you a somewhat general overview of the best cities of art in Italy to visit by renting an Aston Martin DB 11 Volante.

The best spots in Italy for a honeymoon: reach them onboard a Ferrari F8 spider.
26 March 2021

Discover the best places to spend a honeymoon in Italy to reach by renting a Ferrari F8 spider: a prodigy of technology, with the most performing V8 engine ever with a design of rare elegance. 

A skiing week in Cortina: reach for the Pearl of the Dolomites aboard a Lamborghini Urus.
01 December 2020

We can confidently affirm that there is no other famous and worldly mountain resort in the world like Cortina d'Ampezzo; it excels over equally luxurious and famous rivals such as Courmayeur, Sankt Moritz and Aspen. There is no better way of reaching this place other than renting a Lamborghini Urus.

Food & wine tourism: discover our on the road tour in a luxury car.
01 November 2020

Food and wine tourism can be defined as that form of tourism referring to the exploration of gastronomic realities, to the study of the culture and food of a particular territory. Rent a luxury car and set off on a gastronomic tour in one of the most popular destinations for wine lovers from around the world.

Aston Martin DB11 Volante through the cities to visit in Italy: gliding the peninsula.
01 October 2020

The places to visit in Italy are truly incalculable: Italy offers tourists from all over the world an almost infinite choice of "attractions". Just fasten the seatbelt of the Aston Martin DB11 and immediately set off to discover 3 of the most beautiful cities to visit in Italy!

Ferrari: rent your favourite model and set off to discover Modena and Maranello, where this legendary car manufacturer began.
01 September 2020

When you say "sports cars", you think "Ferrari", don't you? It is inevitable, it happens to everyone. There are no luxury cars in the world as well known and loved as the legendary red ones.

Amalfi Coast and Supercars: the perfect match for holidays of fun and beauty.
15 August 2020

The Amalfi coast is so fascinating that it has inspired dozens of the greatest directors and screenwriters from all times. The best way to fully enjoy it is to rent one of the sports cars that you can find from Italian Luxury Car Hire and go on an adventure!

Maserati Levante: for your mountain holidays rent the best luxury SUV out there and ... ride like the wind!
01 July 2020

The Levante Maserati meets all needs, especially that of travelling any distance - even the longest - with the maximum comfort, without having to give up the excitement of a sporty drive: rent it from Italian Luxury Car Hire and find out how it gives its best on mountain roads!

The French Riviera as you've never seen it before: aboard the Ferrari Portofino.
15 June 2020

Crystal clear sea, sun, picturesque villages clinging to the craggy rock and nightlife: these are the main features that make this stretch of French coast one of the most sought-after and loved.

Tuscany: two weeks of art, food and wine at the helm of the elegant Bentley Bentayga.
15 May 2020

The gastronomic - and cultural - tour we have designed for you has two main characteristics: will take place over two weeks and onboard one of the most elegant luxury SUVs you can imagine, the Bentley Bentayga.

Supercars: rent the best luxury cars from Italian Luxury Car Hire and set off to discover Milan.
15 April 2020

Milan is a treasure trove that holds precious riches, more or less hidden from view, and in recent years has become a tourist destination like other Italian cities of art. Rent a supercar to discover the 10 places to visit in Milan.

Rome: a weekend to discover the Eternal City, renting a Porsche 992.
15 March 2020

You have been planning to visit Rome for quite some time, but you keep putting it off because time always seems to be scarce and you fear that a few days may not be enough? Rent a luxury Carrera 992 and have a truly unforgettable experience!

A romantic weekend in northern Italy: rent a luxury car and surprise your better half.
15 February 2020

Are you looking for a dream destination for a romantic getaway in northern Italy with your better half? We have an idyllic destination in store for you. Are you ready to discover where?

The Dolomites of Trentino Alto Adige as seen from the windows of a prestigious car: the Audi RS6.
15 January 2020

We are offering you an experience that is typically overlooked by those lists, but one we consider unmissable at any age: renting luxury cars - and more specifically a mix of pure power and uncompromising performance like the Audi RS6 - to set off to discover the Dolomites of Trentino.