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Maserati Levante: for your mountain holidays rent the best luxury SUV out there and ... ride like the wind!

01 July 2020

The wind is a horse:

hear how he runs

through the sea, through the sky.


He wants to take me: listen

how he roves the world

to take me far away.

Unfortunately, these wonderful words are not ours but belong to the Chilean writer and poet Pablo Neruda. We appropriate them because they perfectly describe the best luxury SUV currently in circulation: the Maserati Levante.

Naming its luxury cars with the most famous winds is a Maserati tradition that has its roots in 1963, with the birth of the legendary Mistral. Since then the Ghibli, the Bora and the Khamsin have followed suit, until the Levante in 2016, when the house of the Trident produced its first SUV.

Unlike what Neruda wrote, the Maserati Levante is not - or rather, does not have - just one horse! Its power varies from 250 to 580BHP depending on the different versions. With Neruda’s wind, this extra luxury SUV shares the desire to travel the world and take you far and, more precisely, to accompany you on your next mountain holidays.

The Levante Maserati meets all needs, especially that of travelling any distance - even the longest - with the maximum comfort, without having to give up the excitement of a sporty drive: rent it from Italian Luxury Car Hire and find out how it gives its best on mountain roads! We can deliver it to you before you set off on your holidays in the mountains, directly to your home, or we can let you collect it on your arrival in the chosen destination, at your hotel or wherever you prefer.


Mountain holidays: make them unforgettable by renting a Maserati SUV.

It is not easy to establish the most beautiful mountainous places in Italy, considering that the Bel Paese boasts the longest mountain range in Western Europe, the Apennines, and is topped by the mountain range that includes the highest peaks in Europe, the Alps.

But a decision for your holidays in the mountains had to be made and we, therefore, chose to lead you to the discovery of the Paganella plateau, which lies between the homonymous mountain overlooking the Adige valley and the scenic Brenta Dolomites: a territory included in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, which constitutes a protected natural area - the largest protected area in Trentino, established in 1967.

The main centres of the plateau are Molveno, Fai della Paganella and Andalo. If you want to fill your eyes with beauty, Molveno - with its lake in whose crystal clear waters the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites are mirrored, for years awarded as the most beautiful lake in Italy - is just for you. Do you know who gave the best definition of Molveno lake? The poet and writer Antonio Fogazzaro, described it - because of its extraordinary charm and fortunate position - as the "precious pearl in the most extravagant treasure chest". There's no need to say any more, is there? We bet you can't wait to rev up the Maserati Levante  SUV's horses, to drive and admire it with your own eyes!

Equally pleasant - and ideal for mountain holidays with children - are the resorts of Fai della Paganella and Andalo. Suitable for families: you can alternate moments of adrenaline and fun with those of relaxation and well-being, given the wide offer of sports, culture, leisure, excursions and cultural events from both areas.

In recent years, due to the climate change that we hear about every day, it has become a bit difficult to understand what to expect from the holidays in the mountains: will you ski? Maybe you will stretch out on the shores of Lake Molveno to roast in the sun? Will you dedicate yourself to a healthy snowshoe hike or a mountain bike excursion? Whatever it is, the plateau is equipped to make your mountain holidays unforgettable, regardless of weather conditions. And to make them even more special, placing them straight in at the first place in the album of memories, the rental Maserati Levante will certainly contribute: try it to believe it!

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