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The Dolomites of Trentino Alto Adige as seen from the windows of a prestigious car: the Audi RS6.

15 January 2020

Have you heard of those lists like "things to do before you turn 30", "things to see before the age of 40" etcetera? Well, what we are offering you is an experience that is typically overlooked by those lists, but one we consider unmissable at any age (therefore, age restriction-free): renting luxury cars - and more specifically a mix of pure power and uncompromising performance like the Audi RS6 - to set off to discover the Dolomites of Trentino!  We can deliver your dream car 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, wherever you want: for example at your home, or as soon as you arrive at your hotel, or in the nearest airport, i.e. Catullo of Verona, where you can reach the province of Trento in about an hour by taking the A24.

What do you think of this little plan?

A little while ago we said that this experience does not entail any age group and can be carried out before the age of 30 as well as after the age of 60, just to give you a couple of examples. We underline this, but we rely on your common sense regarding other limits ... those pertaining to speed!

Before letting you know the itinerary we have planned for this adventure, we believe it useful to show you what is meant by the Dolomites of Trentino Alto Adige.

As you may know, the Dolomites were included in the list of the natural heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2009; Trentino is home to 4 of the 9 sites included in that list itself - the Brenta  Dolomites, Latemar-Catinaccio, Marmolada, Pale di San Martino - and some of the most evocative peaks in all of Europe can be found within the provinces of Trento and Bolzano: the Dolomites of Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme, Val Gardena, Brenta.

So get ready because you're about to discover some of the most beautiful places in the area!


Two-Day Dolomiti Trentino Itinerary: revving spirits with the RS6.

The first day of the two-day Trentino Dolomites itinerary that we have designed for you lets you discover one of the tourist excellences of Trentino Alto Adige: the Val di Fassa. It is about 20 km long and stretches along the course of the Avisio river, which originates in the Marmolada glaciers, and reaches Moena, where it enters the Val di Fiemme.

It is composed of seven municipalities at an altitude between 1200 and 1500 m asl: Canazei, Campitello di Fassa, Mazzin, Pozza di Fassa, Vigo di Fassa, Soraga and Moena, all surrounded by some of the most beautiful rock groups of white dolomite - the carbonate sedimentary rock consisting mainly of the dolomite mineral - which turns pink at sunrise and sunset. Have you ever heard the word Enrosadira (Alpenglow)? Well, it is precisely the Ladin term -  Val di Fassa is the only valley in Trentino where Dolomite Ladin is still spoken - which means "becoming pink" and indicates the particular phenomenon just described.

A land of breathtaking panoramas and fairytale landscapes - it is no coincidence that Moena is called the Fairy of the Dolomites - it is full of fascinating legends, such as the origin of the alpenglow.

The Fairy of the Dolomites has also had the name of Pearl of the Dolomites for a few years, having become the first area to become a part of the "Alpine Pearls" in Trentino. This is the association that includes the Alpine tourist resorts of all Europe that offer tourists a certainly comfortable, but also 100% eco-friendly stay.


2-Day Dolomiti Trentino Itinerary: warm your soul - and the RS6 engine - to enter Val di Fiemme.

The second day of your 2-day Trentino Dolomites itinerary is dedicated to the valley often considered the "younger sister" of the Val di Fassa, that is the Val di Fiemme.

Named the Valley of Harmony for its fir trees with which the soundboards of pianos and violins come to life - already esteemed by Stradivari and today by lutists from all over the world - the Val di Fiemme is a real open-air lung: it breathes the oxygen of 60 million trees and it is estimated that every tourist can count on more than 200 specimens "exclusively"! But that's not all. It is also a proper open-air museum: some of these trees are natural monuments, which have been given fascinating and curious names such as the Tower of Pisa, the Lion King, the Queen of the Feud. Would it be mind-boggling if we told you that the Lion King has a circumference of 7.10 m at its base? Not only that, but it is also Methuselah of the Valley, with its 700-800 years of age!

Surrounded by the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino natural park and the South Tyrolean park of Monte Corno, the valley has 11 municipalities, indicated in ascending order of altitude: Valfloriana, Ziano di Fiemme, Castello-Molina di Fiemme, Panchià, Tesero, Cavalese, Capriana, Predazzo, Carano, Daiano and Varena (all part of the Trento province).

Do you agree with us that renting luxury sports cars such as the Audi RS6 and embarking on the discovery of the Trentino Dolomites is truly an experience to be done at least once in a lifetime?

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