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The French Riviera as you've never seen it before: aboard the Ferrari Portofino.

15 June 2020
At least once in our lifetimes we have all heard about the French Riviera - and the luckiest have had the privilege of staying in one of its splendid locations - but perhaps not everyone knows that two questions have been waiting for an answer for over 100 years: who called it that? And where exactly does the French Riviera begin and end? 
Well, we are here to satisfy your curiosity! 
The term French Riviera appears for the first time in the book La Côte d'Azur (the French Riviera) published in 1887 by the lawyer-writer Stéphen Liégeard, who loved to spend his winters in Cannesvilla. For Liégeard, the extension of the French Riviera went from the Chateau d'If – the fortification built as a prison, whose notoriety is thanks to Alexandre Dumas and his novel The Count of Montecristo - to the palaces of Genoa.
More than 130 years have passed and the question is still open: with all due respect to Liégeard, the prevailing thesis now tends to recognise the borders of the French Riviera in that stretch of French coast between Menton and Cannes. The dispute, however, has not subsided in any way: to cut a long story short, if it is more or less universally accepted that Menton is the eastern gateway to the French Riviera, the controversy is still very much active regarding its western one. After all, the borders of the French Riviera are not administrative, but derive from a literary definition, the one mentioned above: therefore, you understand how it is very easy to find someone willing to erase or redesign them, a little further on or a little shorter depending on their tastes, given that they are borders drawn in pencil!
What is certain is that wherever you want to mark the western border, this stretch of French coast is one of the most beautiful and famous in all of Europe and many people spend their holidays on the French Riviera, not only in summer but in every season, thanks to its mild climate throughout the year. 
What is equally certain is that you are going to have a particularly suggestive experience: seeing the sea on the French Riviera from the windows of the new Ferrari Portofino, one of the finest high-performance sports cars of the Gran Turismo range, produced by the Prancing Horse car manufacturer since 2018.
You can rent a Ferrari Portofino - which implements the already excellent performance of its predecessor, the Ferrari California T - from Italian Luxury Car Group, picking it up wherever you prefer: at your home before departure, or once you arrive at the destination, in your hotel or at the airport, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


A Trip on the French Riviera: discover the panoramic road that connects Nice and Menton with the Ferrari Portofino Coupé.

What specifically makes the French Riviera so special? Crystal clear sea, sun, picturesque villages clinging to the craggy rock and nightlife: these are the main features that make this stretch of French coast one of the most sought-after and loved, always visited by celebrities and stars who have made the promenades of its cities, such as the Promenade des Anglais in Nice so famous around the world.
The weekend on the French Riviera that we have designed for you takes place entirely in the stretch of French coast between Nice and Menton, cities connected by a panoramic road characterised by breathtaking views of the sea and by a labyrinth of sharp curves, ideal for a Costa Azzurra tour on the road onboard a Ferrari Portofino.
We have provided three stops for you: 
  • The first in Menton, where you can lose yourself in one of its many, marvellous gardens, some classified as "Historical Monuments" or "Gardens of Great Prestige"; 
  • The second in Monaco, on the trail of Grace Kelly, where you can visit the Principality of Monaco during the day and sit at the table of one of its many casinos in the evening;
  • The third, ça va sans dire, in Nice, where you can admire the Belle Epoque masterpieces located on the Promenade des Anglais - the Palais de la Méditerranée and the Hotel Negresco, among many others - and lose yourself in the picturesque streets of the Old Town.
What are you waiting for? Rent a Portofino Coupé now and go and see for yourself if the fame of these places is rightly deserved!

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